AI Asset Attribution (AAA)

Knowing what it is that you are trying to protect.

With the drive towards Cloud computing, the transition of many, if not most, workloads to not just one cloud, but multiple clouds, along with the rapid globalization of many firms has created a large set of unknown devices, applications, and services running on the backbone of the estate. Using a combination of people, process and technology, CyberQ assets will enable customers to maintain a dynamic and live view of all assets that require protection within the organization, and help assign a risk matrix to enable prioritization of response.

CyberQ AAA

Understanding the entire estate with regards to Devices, Applications, micro services, and all data stores is a key element of doing Security right.

CyberQ AAA helps customers learn, explore, and catalog and understand the entire global inventory of assets that need monitoring.

  • Risk Attribution


We must start somewhere, and identifying your Digital Crown Jewels (DCJ) is a key first step.

Risk and Alerts

When Risk is properly defined, we can help customers prioritize what logs to ingest first, what Alerts to handle first, and what Alerts require immediate attention due to the nature of the data impacted.


Utilizing a mix of manual and ML based Risk attribution, a framework is built that customers can adopt long term to create a continuous monitoring solution based upon risk. We will leverage several COTS tools that the customer can choose to adopt, or we can build a custom framework that addresses the specific needs of the customer.

Risk defined Response

Starting with Risk attribution for all assets, customers have a flexible framework to define response KPIs, response methods, both manual and automated, and response alerting automation to notify teams.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ AAA program can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature Assets management framework solution. CyberQ AAA can also be purchased as single sets of the offering to tune up and enable a specific portion of an existing customer program.

Know your estate

Helping customers overcome missing devices and applications, incomplete architectures, missing subnets or microservices, stubborn technology issues and more. Creating a robust and high quality Assets inventory for the Security team to score, analyze and dynamically maintain with automated discovery.