You can only protect what you know

Asset Identification

Explore, identify and catalog all your digital business assets

As organizations shift to an increasingly global footprint – with employees, customers, devices and applications ever more widely distributed – the task of protecting proprietary data and digital business assets continues to grow in size and complexity.

It’s a rapidly evolving picture with upgrades, removals and replacements continuously disrupting the inventory and making regulatory compliance, as well as effective risk management, a progressively difficult task.

Through our automated Asset Identification service, we enable companies to maintain a live view of enterprise assets, managing redundant devices and applications, incomplete architectures, missing subnets or microservices, and resolving persistent technology issues.

How it works

We start by identifying your ‘digital crown jewels’, those high-value digital assets that would significantly impact your business, if compromised.

The Asset Identification process leverages our expertise in AI and ML to dynamically discover and catalog all relevant devices, apps, services, and proprietary data, wherever they reside, ready for risk scoring and response prioritization.

Key benefits include:

Automatically identifies and catalogs enterprise assets and eliminates ‘shadow IT’

Enables discovery of threats and vulnerabilities, providing a dynamic and live view of all assets that require protection

Creates a high-quality asset inventory for risk analysis that enables response prioritization