We knew there had to be a better way…

A Cyber Security Consulting Company with an outcome focused approach

In 2021 we launched CyberQ to give businesses a way to maximize the value of their existing investments. Using an outcome driven approach we collaborate with clients to deliver security solutions that match their assets and needs.

Every day, we help dozens of businesses, mostly Fortune 500 companies, deliver valid results from the chaotic data sets that are ingested by their security systems. CyberQ raises the value of data to solve critical business security problems.

Along the way we have learned that raising the value of data allows customers to achieve higher levels of trust. Trust drives revenue. We help customers realize the value in their security data. By the way, all data is security data.

We developed a new approach, we call it SecurtyFirst. By helping customers change their SecOps to a SecurityFirst mindset, they can achieve a higher level of trust with their customers, vendors, and their employees.

By adopting SecurityFirst in software dev organizations, customers produce better, more secure software with less friction. CyberQ helps raise the quality, the reputation, and the trust of the deliverables produced by organizations. Secure, reliable, software develops trust.

A Focused Approach

We apply years of cyber security experience from the best in the industry. CyberQ delivers that experience to help you become an efficient and trusted partner to your customers.






to delivering Cybersecurity services that increase value, accuracy, and trust within your SecOps estate.

Studies have shown that trust is the lubricant that drives revenue. Trust is the most fragile and precious asset that exists in any form of business.
CyberQ Gets Security Done.
Security is about people, process, and technology. In a data driven society, high quality, high value, highly utilized data is paramount to a successful SecOps program. As we expand the use of AI in our SecOps programs, we need to help customers focus on the quality of the data and the quality of the process in order to achieve useful, valuable, trusted outcomes. 

Meet The Leadership Team

 Richard Towle CEO

  • 25+ Years Cyber Security Industry technical and business leadership
  • Business leader, IBM, Siemens, Certco, Baltimore Technologies
  • Technical Expert and Master Security Architect: Siemens, Splunk, Unispheres
  • Security Consultant and GSD, my whole career
Dan Rasmussen CTO
  • 25+ Years of Software Industry Technical Contribution and Leadership
  • DevOps leadership BAE, MedAcuity Software, IBM, Raytheon
  • Technical Specialist and Software Architect: MedAcuity Software, IBM, Raytheon
  • DevOps and Development Consulting