Get more done every day with AI + ML

Custom AI Consulting

Practical, usable, functional AI

Our team of highly skilled and experienced cyber AI consultants recognize high-quality data as the critical success factor in deploying AI.

This data-led strategy helps clients audit and build programs or design a new architecture from scratch. We can implement a customized, 100% tool-agnostic ML solution using COTS and open-source software systems that can be integrated into your main security operations center (SOC) workflow.

How it works

Our outcomes-based approach combines human expertise with AI to audit and modify data ingestion, automating repetitive tasks – such as decisions, responses and reconfigurations – for optimal results, with full visibility and detailed reporting capabilities.

We tune AI models to deliver specific alerts and outcomes, while reducing false positives to the required benchmark at the start of each project.

Key benefits include:

Leverages and scales AI and ML to meet agreed business objectives

Improves business outcomes using a product-agnostic, data-led approach

Optimizes and validates ROI on your existing cyber AI tools