Our people and process make your AI tools work hard

Cybersecurity AI Consulting

Rapidly de-escalate security threats

At CyberQ, we specialize in building the content that organizations need to optimize the efficiency and ROI of their existing cybersecurity software.

Our AI-driven cybersecurity services include providing the custom ML models and in-depth training needed to protect assets, while supporting businesses to become increasingly self-reliant and helping them achieve successful outcomes.

How it works

Our experts have specific domain expertise in AI, automation, response frameworks, and maturity methodologies. We can review existing security infrastructure against business requirements, designing and delivering detailed and complex security architectures together with a bespoke roadmap for ongoing implementation.

Because we are 100% tool-agnostic, we can work with existing COTS solutions and offer vendor-neutral suggestions for functional hardware and software solutions. Detailed objectives are mapped to tasks, workflows and outcomes, expressed within an agile delivery model for achievable, measurable results.

Key benefits include:

Optimizes and validates ROI on your existing cybersecurity software tools

Tool-agnostic, data-led approach improves business outcomes with  measurable results

Hands-on program helps frontline teams become self-reliant when applying AI to the security landscape