Data Onboarding Governance (DOG)

Data driven decisions require robust and complete data sets.


With the drive towards ingesting all data, and making multiple business decisions, security analytics, and operational measurements, there is a need for a data onboarding process that is fast, detailed, and complete. Training new team members is a step by step approach to data onboarding is key to being able to constantly adapt the team and the process to the next data source, or the next data analytics project.

Quality Data 

With the growing need to increase clarity of data analytics, the need for high quality and complete log data has become paramount to success. CyberQ DOG is a tie tested and proven methodology to build a data ingestion program for a customer.

Teach and train

The purpose of CyberQ DOG is to build a long term program at a customer that lives on beyond the services engagement and becomes part of the normal business at a customers. The program rollout consists of teams of both customer and CyberQ experts to pass on the finder details and knowledge required for each step in the methodology.

While customers can choose to outsource specific sprints to CyberQ, the long term success and ROI of the program is to build a customized implementation of the methodology that works for the customer, is staffed by the customer over the long term and remains in place as needs change.


CyberQ DOG is a full methodology, driven by the business to build an onboarding team at the customer site that can pivot to address any data source, any compliance requirement, and any data onboarding requirement.

AI and Analytics Testing

Validation is a key step in the methodology that proves to the business that a given data set  is complete, and has the required information to make decisions. 

Good Security

Starting with a few simple questions regarding what the customer is trying to achieve, what questions or alerts or TTPs the customer needs to track helps kick off the program and build out the initial methodology. Overtime, as more needs arise, differing data sets, and compliance requirements can be easily rolled into the program.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ DOG program can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature data onboarding solution. CyberQ DOG can also be purchased as single sets of the offering to tune up and enable a specific portion of an existing customer program.

Quality Data Creates Quality Results

Helping customers overcome missing fields and values, incomplete logs, missing subnets or business units, stubborn technology issues and more. 

Creating a robust and high quality data set for the Security team to analyze is the main driver of CyberQ DOG.