Data Onboarding Governance (DOG) Customer Acceptance

Data driven decisions require robust and complete data sets.

With the drive towards ingesting all data, and making multiple business decisions, security analytics, and operational measurements, there is a need for a data onboarding process that is fast, detailed, and complete. Training new team members is a step by step approach to data onboarding is key to being able to constantly adapt the team and the process to the next data source, or the next data analytics project.

CyberQ DOG Customer Acceptance

The Typical Customer for the CyberQ DOG program is the Security Operations Center (SOC). The most important part of a robust security analytics program is the ingestion of high quality log data, in the correct format. Customer Acceptance includes the SOC team as the end customer to ensure the reduction of false positives, and strange search results.

  • SOC Testing
  • SOC Acceptance
  • Reporting
  • Sprint Closure

Customer Acceptance Testing (SOC)

SOC analysts can engage with CyberQ to help design an automated test platform using readily available and unique Security Searches, and AI models to test and accept a specific data source.

Teach and train

The purpose of CyberQ DOG Customer Acceptance is to reduce, if not eliminate, the ongoing struggle the SOC may have when searches and analytics perform poorly, produce too many false positives, or miss key data points. Building the test platform under the guidance of CyberQ experts helps customers imbed a standard procedure to increase ROI and aid in Alert reduction and alert fatigue.


CyberQ DOG Customer Acceptance is a step in a methodology, driven by the business, to deliver clean, proven, tested and documented data sets to the organization. A Detailed set of tests, searches and if required AI models can be used to test a specific data set is up the level the SOC requires for Production. 

Leave Behind Testing

Customer Acceptance is a key step in the methodology that proves to the business that a given data set  is complete, and has the required information to make decisions. The methodology and tools built to automate the validation of data will become a part of the customers estate upon CyberQ completing the contract. Each custom designed tool set is based upon the log system, the data lake etc. 

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ DOG Customer Acceptance step can be purchased as an individual engagement, or as part of the entire CyberQ DOG program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature data onboarding solution. CyberQ DOG can also be purchased as single sets of the offering to tune up and enable a specific portion of an existing customer program.

Quality Data Creates Quality Results

Helping customers overcome missing fields and values, incomplete logs, missing subnets or business units, stubborn technology issues and more. 

Creating a robust and high quality data set for the Security team to analyze is the main driver of CyberQ DOG.