Data Onboarding Governance (DOG) Incident Ingestion

Data driven decisions require robust and complete data sets.

With the drive towards ingesting all data, and making multiple business decisions, security analytics, and operational measurements, there is a need for a data onboarding process that is fast, detailed, and complete. Training new team members is a step by step approach to data onboarding is key to being able to constantly adapt the team and the process to the next data source, or the next data analytics project.

CyberQ DOG Incident Ingestion

There may be a requirement, on an as needed basis to ingest 12-24 months of historic data into a temporary environment for a data forensics team to review

  • Data Identification
  • Temp Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Unzip, re-hydrate, or thaw data 
  • Data validation step

Data Identification

Depending upon the specific incident, CyberQ will work alongside the Data Forensic team to identify, scope and document all data that must be restored to enable the proper investigation of the incident.

Custom Architecture

An either on-prem or Cloud based architecture will be designed, including all required CPU, DIsk Space, Memory and location attributes will be designed for the customer to decide how to proceed.

CyberQ will build and implement the Temp Architecture for the Incident management team.

Re-hydrate, Unzip, or Thawing

CyberQ will design customized scripts to enable the team to re-populate the new architecture with the historical data required from one to many systems or data repositories.

Leave Behind 

A completed, and ready for analysis, data set, properly formatted will be left behind, based upon the quality level of the initial archiving. This data set will be used by the customer or external forensics team.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ DOG Incident Ingestion step can be purchased as a customized project, with a time based approach to the project.

Quality data creates quality results

In some instances, time is critical to create a process to retrieve archived data and perform the deep level of investigation required by the forensic team. CyberQ Experts will deliver timely results to ensure data can be analyzed.