Data Onboarding Governance (DOG) Ingestion Architecture

Data driven decisions require robust and complete data sets.

With the drive towards ingesting all data, and making multiple business decisions, security analytics, and operational measurements, there is a need for a data onboarding process that is fast, detailed, and complete. Training new team members is a step by step approach to data onboarding is key to being able to constantly adapt the team and the process to the next data source, or the next data analytics project.

CyberQ DOG Customer Ingestion Architecture

  • Audit and review of Existing
  • SW Upgrade Plan
  • Troubleshooting
  • Automated reporting, tracking and alerts against forwarding systems 
  • Integrate third party ingestion
  • Custom ingestion models

Audit and Review

In many cases the forwarding architecture is working at 100%, but in some cases there may be configuration and implementation issues that lower the global infrastructure performance. The Audit and review is designed to find these issues and deliver a simple report and plan forward.

SW upgrade plan

With Customer delight in mind, and 99.9% uptime, a plan will be devised to ensure the upgrade goes smoothly, and is monitored by the team for timely action, accountability, and progress.

Automated Reporting and tracking

With a single glance on a dashboard, custom built for the customer, there will be a view and method to see in real time the entire forwarding architecture, and see outages, and versioning.

Integrate Third Party

Typical third party SW, OS and Endpoint will be built into a standardized plan, with repeatability of deployment.

Custom Ingestion Models

In some cases, when privacy, security, confidentiality comes into the program, a custom ingestion method must be built. 

Migrations to cloud analytics are a second program that impacts the overall ingestion and forwarding architecture.

Good Security

Workflow methodology, using an agile toolset to identify all stories (Ingestion methods) and the people, process and technology hurdles required to complete onboarding within a given sprint cycle.