Data Onboarding Governance (DOG) Prioritization

Data driven decisions require robust and complete data sets.


With the drive towards ingesting all data, and making multiple business decisions, security analytics, and operational measurements, there is a need for a data onboarding process that is fast, detailed, and complete. Training new team members is a step by step approach to data onboarding is key to being able to constantly adapt the team and the process to the next data source, or the next data analytics project.

CyberQ DOG Audit

  • Risk Attribution for Data
  • Risk scoring for Devices
  • Report and ingestion plan based upon Risk
  • Data Source Acquisition Cost

Risk Scoring

All data is security data. That does not mean that we can feasibly ingest all data in one sprint. CyberQ DOG Prioritization delivers a Risk based data ingestion analysis to help customers focus on the most important data sources first.

Teach and train

The purpose of CyberQ DOG Prioritization is to baseline the existing state of data, prioritize the ingestion process, and identify a mix of Risk and Cost of ingestion for each data source to allow for proper planning for each sprint cycle. 


CyberQ, the long term success and ROI of the CyberQ DOG Prioritization is to build a methodology for the customer and a trained team focused on the proper methods to assign Risk, and Analyze cost of data


CyberQ DOG Prioritization delivers a detailed report, per data source, per data owner, that analyzes key Risk Indicators for the customer.

Secondarily, the costs associated with acquiring and ingesting , per data source.

Automated Risk Monitoring

Tools that allow the customer to automatically monitor and track data ingestion, and develop a risk score for the organization based upon when and if a specific data source is ingested.

Good Security

Workflow methodology, using an agile toolset to identify all stories (data sources) and the people, process and technology hurdles required to complete onboarding within a given sprint cycle.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ DOG Prioritization program can be purchased as an initial step , or part of the complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature data onboarding solution. 

Quality Data Creates Quality Results

Helping customers overcome missing fields and values, incomplete logs, missing subnets or business units, stubborn technology issues and more. 

Creating a robust and high quality data set for the Security team to analyze is the main driver of CyberQ DOG.