Create high-quality data for accurate analysis

Data Onboarding Governance

Data-driven decisions require robust and complete data sets

With security, operational and commercial decisions dependent on the ready availability of high-quality data analytics, the data onboarding mechanism is crucial – it has to be fast, accurate and complete.

Our Data Onboarding Governance process – CyberQ DOG – is designed to address any data source, compliance demand or data onboarding requirement needed to achieve defined business outcomes.

Data Onboarding Governance is a crucial component in a collaborative problem-solving loop that optimizes vendor tools for a verified ROI. Cyber DOG works with all existing tools and systems, assuring data quality. It’s the first step towards building an effective internal data department.

How it works

Beginning with a data audit, we use an agile toolset to identify the information, people and processes needed to complete onboarding to an agreed schedule. As targets change, we can easily incorporate fresh data sets and compliance requirements into the program.

The CyberQ DOG program enables us to partner with your team to build an in-house data department. Our experts will train staff to perform the testing and custom work to manage the data onboarding process and achieve desired business outcomes.

Key benefits include:

Creates high-quality data sets and complete log data for data onboarding

Boosts ROI on existing software tools by optimizing performance

Underpins the development of an efficient internal data department