Understand and prevent software security vulnerabilities

DevSecOps Consulting

The ultimate security-first DevSecOps strategy

An effective DevSecOps program is one that successfully embeds security within a continuous and integrated end-to-end software development cycle, helping to defend against new and constantly emerging attack vectors.

We help organizations build a security-first strategy. This is particularly relevant to cloud-native platforms, where DevSecOps teams need to rely on secure coding to help deliver, develop and manage applications through the software delivery process, and to optimize the data their platforms generate.

How it works

At CyberQ, we deploy AI and ML to help businesses reach their potential by auditing and automating development processes, as well as helping to plan DevSecOps strategies that match the desired speed and scale of implementation.

We start with some simple questions about business goals and about the specific compliance framework.

We then build out a DevSecOps methodology, training companies’ DevSecOps teams to make security part of their normal development process at the onset of new applications.

Key benefits include:

Prevents potential security vulnerabilities during software development

Secure and scalable implementation creates actionable data for technology and business stakeholders

ML-enabled approach results in faster, more agile development