Secure applications require secure processes and code.

The Solar Winds hack has heightened awareness for DevOps security, DevSecOps. Many application development operations have been neglected from a security perspective. Incidents are preventable at multiple levels when basic security hygiene is applied to the application development process.

Security first doesn’t mean that application security needs to be painful. It does mean that you put your seatbelts on before you start the car. Customers need to be educated on what basic application development pipeline security hygiene along with implementation at all levels of the CyberQ DevSecOps Security Maturity Model.


Taking the time to build a robust, yet simplified application security program helps customers create applications that their clients can be confident in. The program service can be inclusive of all offerings, or customers can choose a subset of offerings based upon need.

Good Security

Starting with a few simple questions regarding what the customer is trying to achieve, what questions or compliance framework the customer needs to track helps kick off the program and build out the initial methodology. Overtime, as more needs arise, differing static analysis sets, tools, and compliance requirements can be easily rolled into the program.

Quality DevSecOps

With the growing demand to improve security in the build pipeline, CyberQ provides services and training to meet those demands. From audit, to guidance, to training, CyberQ will fill your needs


CyberQ DevSecOps is a full methodology, driven by the business to build DevSecOps teams at the customer. These teams are trained to make security easy by thinking about security first, not last.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ DevSecOps program can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature data onboarding solution. CyberQ DevSecOps can also be purchased as single sets of the offering to tune up and enable a specific portion of an existing customer program.

Teach and train

The purpose of CyberQ DevSecOps is to build a long term program for a customer that lives on beyond the services engagement and becomes part of the normal development processes of a customer. The program rollout consists of teams of both customer and CyberQ experts to pass on the finder details and knowledge required for each step in the methodology. While customers can choose to outsource specific sprints to CyberQ, the long term success and ROI of the program is to build a customized implementation of the methodology that works for the customer, is staffed by the customer over the long term and remains in place as needs change.

AI and Analytics

Leveraging ML for behaviour analytics, CyberQ DevSecOps can help customers find rogue employees, or accounts that may have been taken over and used to upload malicious code into the customer DevOps process.

Quality DevSecOps processes creates secure, quality applications

Helping customers understand and prevent the potential security vulnerabilities in their software products is the main driver of CyberQ DevSecOps.