CyberQ DevSecOps ML

Customer Challenges And Needs

DevOps has always been a producer of prolific logs.  Spend any time in the compilation log for even a moderately complex application and you will find a wealth of data.  This data is often ignored or even discarded after a short period of time (unless the build failed).  Only machines have the patience and wherewithal to pay constant and close attention to these build artifacts.  CyberQ ML will watch these logs for you to notice when the unexpected happens.  

Offering Details

The CyberQ consultant will work with your DevOps/DevSecOps organization to ingest and correlate logs from build machines to learn normal vs abnormal build related behavior.


By closely monitoring build artifacts and correlating those artifacts with other user/entity behavior, CyberQ DevSecOps ML will alert developer and security organizations to unusual user/entity behavior.  While this behavior will often be benign, it will alert operations to these behaviors for either mitigation or system tuning.  On the other hand, when behavior is not bening, this can provide an early warning system that will prevent malicious source code adulteration.