DevSecOps Leadership

Customer Challenges And Needs

As DevOps has grown into a mature practice in many organizations, the rolling in of security to the DevOps mix can present challenges to the leadership of DevOps organizations.  Recent incidents have brought DevSecOps under the microscope.  After all, what is DevSecOps but DevOps with security?  Leaders in these organizations may have little or not security background and need a leadership primer along with a plan to move from DevOps to DevOps + security to DevSecOps.  In most cases, good DevSecOps practices are good software development practices.

Offering Details

The CyberQ consultant will work with your devops leadership to educate, evaluate, and plan a path to DevSecOps maturity.  The offering can also provide an assessment of the current DevSecOps maturity level within an organization or project.  


Leadership within development organizations need to become conversant with best practices as it relates to DevSecOps.  This offering will help lead your organization into the brave new world of DevSecOps by shedding light onto the subject, developing plans to adopt those secure practices, and rolling out those plans in an orderly fashion.