Secure Static Analysis

Customer Challenges And Needs

Software developers are overwhelmed with static analysis findings as soon as the scanner is unboxed.  The gut reaction is to turn down the volume knob by turning off rule sets.  Among the first to go is security.  Organizations need help to understand and tune security related static analysis findings so that they are not overwhelmed by these findings.

Offering Details

The CyberQ consultant will work with your DevOps/DevSecOps organization to identify appropriate security related rule sets and apply them to your code base in a sensible and gated manor.  We will also work with your developers to create strategies and tactics such that your organization moves from security from last to first in the development thought process.  When security comes first, it’s easy.  When it comes last, it can be painful.


Identification of security vulnerabilities in your software early in the development life cycle results in cost savings while producing more consistent, more secure software.