Managed AI Service

Managed Splunk UBA Service

Helping customers focus on using UBA. We build and manage it for you.

As the complexities of AI in the SOC change, so does the need to manage robust CyberSecurity AI tools.

Customers can, using the hosted service, focus on the results of Splunk UBA, and leave the management, build, and operations of the tool to CyberQ.

With over 5 years of building and helping customers experience success with UBA, CyberQ is now providing this service to customers.

We make it work, we remove the complexity, we deliver results in a Cloud based environment of your choosing, we design, build, manage and operate your UBA environment so you can focus on the alerts and investigations, and SOC operations.

How it works

Customer owns Cloud stack from AWS, GCP etc

CyberQ designs, builds, manages and operates Splunk UBA in Customer cloud

Data feeds can be direct from customer, or integrated with Splunk Cloud Service

24/7/365 uptime support from a global team in Amer/EMEA/APAC

All customer stacks are HA, and scheduled backups can be provided

All data ingestion is governed by CyberQ to ensure the optimal performance.

Key benefits include:

Handsfree run and maintained Splunk UBA cluster

Focus on Results, detections and Anomalies

CyberQ partnership with Splunk helps resolve challenges