Automated, dynamic risk management

Risk Based Scoring

Dynamically discover, catalog and assign a risk score to all your digital business assets

As the attack surface continues to expand, organizations are dedicating increasing resources to the task of finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they lead to damaging security breaches.

Only by accurately determining risk can companies assign the resources needed to mitigate them. At CyberQ, we construct the framework for companies to create a targeted, risk-based continuous monitoring solution to suit business-specific priorities.

How it works

Once we’ve identified your assets, we’ll automatically allocate a risk-based score, multiplied by the threat count, which informs and scales the response-prioritization process.

Our off-the-shelf or custom framework deploys both manual and ML-based risk attribution, allowing customers to rapidly assess vulnerabilities according to their severity, with business-critical risks flagged for urgent action. Once risks are accurately analyzed, our hands-on team can help prioritize logs and alerts according to their impact on data.

Key benefits include:

Maintains a dynamic, live view of all assets that require protection with automated, continuous risk assessment

Helps prioritize security responses and business vulnerabilities by risk

Focuses resources on risks that carry the greatest business impact