AI Automated Response

Response can be automated

Cyber Security Response can be automated. Automated decisions, response, and even reconfigurations can be handled by technology to reduce stress on personnel in the SOC. CyberQ experts will help customers start on the journey to adopt automated response reamworks, using AI decision making workflows to safely and with full visibility and reporting, enact automated response technology within the SOC.

Why Automate

Alert fatigue is becoming a major issue when we review available staffing, increasing volumes of apps and detections, and increasing compliance requirements

Simple is Safe

Approaching automation to focus on leveraging AI to decide on a response works best with high volume, low complexity response actions.

Reduce Workloads

The idea of AI Automated response is to reduce the workload of repetitive tasks for the customer’s team, and allow that team to focus on more complex alerts that require a human to review.

Response Automation Methodology

Detections are important, and can be very valuable, but without a response plan or a runbook, these detections can be considered noise with little value. Most customer SOCS are overloaded and need to engage in automation of the response program to allow for the new and constant expansion of the estate with the addition of Cloud and WFH scenarios

Training the Customer

Many times the concepts and implementation of ML and specifically Automated response is a new subject within the SOC team, or the insider threat teams. CyberQ works with each individual customer to help remove fear and doubt, and attack the problem with simple automation techniques and runbooks to gain more knowledge with where Automation can fit into any given company program for Security. 


CyberQ AI Automation is delivered using a methodology to design usable outcomes, compliance driven, with training and a workflow that can be repeated over many models and data sets.  

AI and Analytics Test

Validation is a key step in the methodology that proves to the business that a given custom response automationl is complete, and has the required outcome to make decisions.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ AI automation response program can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature customized ML solution using COTS SW that can be integrated into the main SOC workflow.  The program is focused on achieving results from the customers platform.

Quality Data Creates

Quality Results

The backbone of quality ML models is quality Data. CyberQ will work with the customer to audit and modify data ingestion to ensure quality outcomes from any Custom ML model.