Security Architecture

Expert level Architect

Zero Day, Microsegmentation, Security Analytics, all require a solid and properly designed security architecture to enable the right tools and techniques that are part of doing business in the new WFH, distributed, cloud based trusted economy.

Security Foundation

A full review, audit and in some cases a new design of the architecture may be required to move forward for a given customer.


Many existing architectures may need updating to accommodate the new WFH world. Proxy Servers, MFA, VPN, Cloud, all add new performance risks, and security risks that CyberQ can help identify, and design appropriate architectured to meet the needs.


Review existing architectures, review business requirements, and deliver a detailed architecture, along with a roadmap to accomplish the stated objectives.


A Security architecture is a mix of both hardware and software to perform a certain function. CyberQ Expert Security Architects know which tools integrate well together, and will offer vendor neutral suggestions in the deliverables to consider functional HW/SW solutions.

Roadmap to Success

Part of the architecture must take into account time, resources and budget. A roadmap will be provided to allow the customer to make informed decisions on what path to take, and which steps may be required in the proper order to create the new architecture.


CyberQ Security Architectures are comprehensive designs, drawings, and specifications that match the stated business objectives of the customer to 

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ Security Architecture programs can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature customized Security Architecture solution using COTS SW that can be integrated into the main SOC workflow.  The program is focused on achieving results from the customers platform.