Security Expert Program

Security Program

A Security program engagement is a focus CISO consulting program to help guide a company both strategically and tactically towards the desired outcomes

Ciso Consulting

The CyberQ experts have held many senior and executive roles in Security Operations and Data Operations. The Team will help develop and guide a CISO using cutting edge AI technology and Security analytics to achieve the proper end stat for the overall Security program

Security Strategy

CyberQ approaches a Security Strategy program to incorporate company budget, compliance and Security goals, yet the outcomes are tactical, and achievable.


In many cases a large customer may have a Security Strategy with a need to find help to achieve the goals of the strategy, and to align the strategy with a roadmap that can be measured, delivered and contains milestones.

Outcome based

CyberQ is outcome based, and focused on customer delight. This focus is how we take multiple inputs and strategies to combine them into a Security program that delivers actionable outcomes.

Training the Customer

Many times the overall Security program, with  all the data possible is overwhelming. CyberQ experts helps build a team at the customer to focus all Security Analytics initiatives based upon data and outcomes.


CyberQ Expert deliver a detailed list of objectives mapped to individual tasks, workflows and deliverables, all within an Agile delivery model to allow teams to make progress in a constant state of measurement.

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ Expert program can be purchased as a complete program to design, implement, and rollout into production a mature security program integrated into the main SOC workflow.  The program is focused on achieving results from the customers platform.

Quality Data Creates

Quality Results

The backbone of quality ML models is quality Data. CyberQ will work with the customer to audit and modify data ingestion to ensure quality outcomes from any Custom ML model.