Subscription AI Services


Customers need expert AI but do not always have the AI talent within the Security Operations team. CyberQ AI Subscription Services provides a hands-on AI expert, with a monthly subscription to help customers deploy and manage the AI Security tools, models and solutions.

Subscription Expertise

A limited number of customers require AI staff augmentation, but not 40 hrs per week. Subscriptions can be tailored to the customers needs, with a team of CyberQ experts ready to help.

The Team

CyberQ AI is a team of AI experts that can help with customers’ needs, on a rotating basis. All team members are able to assist customers with their needs, and a minimum of two teammates will be assigned to ensure redundancy for our customers.


A Typical customer AI Subscription may range from 4-16 hours per month

Long Term Solution Focused

A big part of what CyberQ believes is to help customers become self supportive, so while a subscription may be many hours per month initially, the CyberQ team is focused to help reduce those hours and cross train customers over time.

Training the Customer

Many times the overall program, with  all the data possible is overwhelming. CyberQ AI Subscription helps build a team at the customer to focus all Security AI initiatives based upon data and outcomes.


CyberQ Data AI subscription delivers custom models, tools training, workbook training, model tuning and outcome delivery.

AI and Analytics Test

Validation is a key step in the methodology that proves to the business that a given AI program is complete, and has the required outcome to make decisions. 

Engaging CyberQ

CyberQ AI subscription is an annual program that is billed monthly with a prearranged number of hours to be used per month by the customer. Hours are not accumulated over time and are required to be used within any given monthly period.


The backbone of quality ML models is quality Data. CyberQ will work with the customer to audit and modify data ingestion to ensure quality outcomes from any Custom ML model.